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I already have the book. How is the app different?

The app was built as a companion to the book. It is not a substitute for the book itself. With premium access to our app, you can have access to our meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes from the book on your smartphone.

How do I stop my current reboot?

Press the settings (gear icon) in the upper right screen. Then click on the button "End Reboot."

How often do you release new updates?

Monthly and sometimes more frequently! If you run into an issue - don't worry we'll get it fixed soon!

Why am I unable to login using my account?

Please create a new user name and password for our app. You cannot use your existing account for on our app.

Can I use this across my different devices?

Yes! Just download the app on all your devices and sign-in to your account.

If I use the app on more than one device, do I need to buy the upgrade on each device?

No! Your purchase is associated with your account. If you delete the app, or use it on multiple devices, your upgrade will always be accessible.

How will my personal info be used? Can it be seen by others?

We do not share your information with any third-parties. By default, no other users can see you updates. If you choose to add Friends, our app will share positive updates (e.g. had smoothie for breakfast, received "I'm on a Reboot" badge) only in their Friend Feed. They will not be able to see any personal information (e.g. weight, height, etc.)

How many recipes are in the app?

The app contains over 80 recipes: 36 juice recipes plus 46 reboot-friendly recipes (smoothies, salads, soups, and veggie dishes). If you're looking for more juice recipes, we also offer another app based on our recipe book, 101 Juice Recipes.

I have another question about the app. Who can I contact?

For general inquiries/support, please contact: or for technical issues:

Is there an Android version of the app available?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

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